Meet Our Team

Jodi Robertson - ERVP


My name is Jodi Robertson and I am an Executive Regional Vice President. My Arbonne journey began in 2008 when I fell in love with the anti-ageing skincare line. My background is Teaching English as a Second Language and Japanese Sales in Hotels and I now incorporate all of those skills into my own business.

I never thought I would do anything like this business but I have always wanted to be an Entrepreneur and wanted to be in charge of my own time and financial future. Because of Arbonne I now have time freedom and get to work my business around my family. I have the perfect work-life balance in that I get to be a fully present Mum whilst building an extremely rewarding and exciting career.

As I speak a few other languages – Japanese, Spanish and Dutch – I am even more excited about our Global expansion into other markets as we have the opportunity to build an online Social Marketing business in all countries where Arbonne exists. Our booming global team spans all around Australia, the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Poland!

There has never been a more exciting time to build your Arbonne Business – welcome to the team!!

Danielle Millington - RVP

My name is Danielle Millington and I am a Regional Vice President with Arbonne. I have a background in Event Management and Training in 5 star Hotels and in the Corporate Sector. I loved my job as it was dynamic and challenging and I enjoyed helping people to create memorable experiences.

I was introduced to Arbonne just before I had my second son, Noah. I fell in love with the products instantly as they transformed my skin.  When it was time to return to work I wanted the best of both worlds.  A stimulating career and time at home with the boys. That was when I looked at the business opportunity and after some research, I could see that getting paid for sharing what I love was a simple, brilliant idea.  I was already working part-time as a vocational trainer, and working this business on the side would enable me to create a full-time income without spending more time away from home.

At Christmas time last year, the College where I worked closed down. Like so many industries today, the training industry is volatile and future work is never guaranteed. We were a family of five now (Rosie arrived in 2014) and we needed two incomes. Thankfully, I had been growing my Arbonne business on the side and in January it became my safety net and my primary income.

I now work on my business from home, when it suits me and my family.  I am so grateful for the flexibility and the unlimited potential for both personal and financial growth.  I get to be there for my family, help support them financially and enjoy a challenging and rewarding career. I feel as if I  now have the best of both worlds.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to develop successful, flexible careers.  Arbonne is expanding globally, so I’d love to show my husband and the kids the world at the same time.

If I can help you on your journey in any way, let me know!

Amber Reiher - AM

My name is Amber Reiher and I am an Area Manager.  I was first introduced to Arbonne while teaching casually at a local university and raising my then 18 month old daughter.  My husband is a FIFO worker and I stepped back from my corporate career in Human Resources  to teaching after having my daughter.  This gave me more flexibility to be with her and I was so grateful for that, but the hours were very unstable semester to semester and while I really enjoyed what I was doing it was just not as fulfilling as my previous HR career.  I had a burning desire for something more, something for me.

A huge part of my career was spent in hotels and I always gravitated towards the Spa, I had a passion for health and wellness, struggling with sensitive skin and pigmentation from my early teens, I knew a good product and I always wanted in!  Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself running my own health and wellness business.

Because of Arbonne I am now able to have my own fulfilling career, something I can call my own and enjoy some of the best products on the market, all while working alongside my other commitments and most importantly being there for my little girl.

I am so excited for what the future holds for my family, my Arbonne business and you!

Renee Leslie - AM

Bula! My name is Renee Leslie and I’m an Area Manager. I have been with Arbonne for nearly 2 years. My beautiful sister in law Amber (who is also in the business) introduced to me to the products and I instantly fell in love. I had tried for years to find a product for my pigmentation but to no avail until Arbonne came along.

My background is in Travel & Tourism, which I have been doing for over 15 years. Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am today, doing this business. I always knew that I was meant for so much more than just sitting behind a computer booking travel… I needed to be booking my own travel! J We also needed a plan B and 2nd stream of income when partner started his flying course.

On the 10th of February, 2017, my life took a turn when I had an accident. I had nearly 2 months off my travel job and lost full use of my hands. I was really grateful that I had this incredible business model as backup and for peace of mind. What this business has given my partner and I is such a blessing. I have to pinch myself every day! I am so grateful for the friends I have made, people I’ve met along the way and all my amazing clients.

My passion is to travel the world freely on my own terms with my partner, live in our beautiful motherland back in Fiji in our beach house whilst helping our families. And to inspire other men & women alike to be the best versions of themselves. I can’t wait to see where the next 2 years will take us! Life is too short so as the saying goes ‘be in love with your life, every minute of it’.

A warm welcome to the team.
X Ren

Zoe Ford - EDM

My name is Zoe Ford and I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. I am a mum to 3 beautiful/crazy children and have a background in Project Management. Ever wondered how on earth to get all the kids (plus you) packed (yes with a healthy lunch!) and out the door EVERY morning? That’s me!!

I never thought I’d be any good at a business like this, I wasn’t one of “those” people!! Sound familiar?? … After some research though, I could see that I could create a full-time income simply by living a purposeful healthy life, working from home when it suits me and my family, and sharing how to do this with other people. All the while I could still run a household, part-time work, and all the other things I was already doing! It was simple!! Brilliant even!!!

Arbonne is positively impacting my life in ways I never thought possible … It’s assisting in making my life easier day to day. Through working on my health and personal growth I now feel more confident, energised and have a greater sense of purpose and really feel like I’m maximising my life living life with passion. And this is all because Arbonne has helped me get there! I have always had an interest in health and positive lifestyle choice. I am passionate about improving people’s health and lifestyle and Love working with a team of positive like-minded people.

I am ever grateful that I took the chance and started my own Arbonne Business and am busting to help others realise there is a way to have your (delicious sugar free) cake and eat it too. With top quality botanical products and global expansion at our doorstep there has never been a more exciting time to start your Arbonne business – I’d love to work with you and help you along your journey too xx

Alissa Hunt - DM

Hi my name is Alissa Hunt and I am a District Manager. My Arbonne journey began in 2016 when I fell in love with the Arbonne plant based nutrition. I have a 10 year background in Policing and have also been a personal trainer and clean eating, advocate for the last 8 years. Since the birth of my first born, and the beginning of our growing family, I had been looking for a career which I can do in the nooks and crannies of our busy family life. I also wanted to continue the legacy of helping people to lead a healthy life.

Because of Arbonne, I have been able to assist my clients with daily their nutritional need to help them to achieve faster results as well as maintain a nutrient dense diet. Further to this, I am now surrounding myself with like-minded, driven people and I am able to work from home, watch family grow up and follow my passions for inspiring people to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Monique Egan - EAM

My name is Monique Egan and I am an Executive Area Manager. I was first introduced to Arbonne by my sister Danielle in 2010. After using the Re9 Advanced anti-ageing skincare, I saw a dramatic change in my skin in just a few days – and I was hooked.

My background is in Graphic Design, Property Management and Charity Work. Today I continue to incorporate and use all of these skills to grow my business both in Australia and Internationally.

I have worked freelance for most of my career, I love designing and creativity is a big part of who I am. However, after having children, my time became so much more precious. When I work as a designer I am paid per hour, my wage determined by how many hours I can physically work. I wanted to spend time with my children and build a business, so I needed to look at what else was out there.

Then along came Arbonne. Infact, I was already ‘doing Arbonne’ before I started my business. I was naturally recommending these incredible products, which had given me great results. It offered me everything I wanted; a smart, flexible business model, time efficiency and growth opportunities.
Best of all – it was built around these amazing products I was already recommending, seeing results with and using daily in our home.

Arbonne has given me so much already. I have grown significantly as a person, am able to be there for my children while growing a business and
I still design when I choose to. My family now live a much healthier life. We are more aware of what we are putting on and in our bodies. We are now using safer, healthier products, eating healthier and have removed harmful toxins from our home.

Having lived and worked in Europe for 6 years and speaking German as a second language, I am extremely excited to continue to grow a global business as we expand into Germany next year. As a family, we can dream big and have a defined path to financial freedom. Feeling extremely grateful,
I am inspired to share this experience with others and inspire them to create their ideal life and grow to their fullest potential

Fran Mifsud - EAM

My name is Fran Mifsud. I am an Executive Area Manager with Arbonne and I was first introduced to this business by a good friend at my baby shower in 2012. I had just started to care about the harmful ingredients in our foods that I was ingesting into my body, yet I had not even thought about the ingredients of products I was slapping onto it. I come from a retail, hospitality and corporate background, of long hours and stressful deadlines, working for organisations that dictated when I worked, how much per hour I was worth, and told when i could take holidays . I was always the last person to leave the building at night, and I would barely recognise my family as i passed them as ships in the night.

I have always worked like a swan gliding around on the water, whilst paddling madly away behind the scenes. There was never any balance and it was not a healthy lifestyle. I hated the long hours, but boy did I love people. I loved leaving people feeling better about themselves after spending time with me. It made perfect sense to me, this business model, helping people redirect their spend, all whilst using pure and safe products that actually work.

When I became a mother, it was THE best thing that has ever happened to me, but I was also dreading the day when I would need to return to the workforce. But because of Arbonne I have not had to go back and work the 9-5 grind, I have been lucky enough to stay at home and watch my baby grow into the beautiful 4 year old she is today, alongside working my business. I get to earn gifts and trips, and meet other like minded dreamers who give big and give back. “When the why becomes clear, the how becomes easy”.

This business is more than I ever thought possible. I get to play. To work. To meet new friends. To mentor and be mentored. To help people become their healthiest and better versions of themselves. To stretch and grow and set new visions. As I invest in my own health and wellness, I am now able to help people all over the world also make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

AMStephanie Perri-Kelsall - AM

My name is Stephanie Perri-Kelsall and I’m an Area Manager. 

Over the last few years my life has changed dramatically – with so many ups and downs, victories and losses, learnings and discoveries. From the corporate world to entrepreneurship and I’ve never looked back. My vision and belief grows everyday, we are all on quest to find what truly makes us happy x

Arbonne has done this for me on so many levels. I’m so passionate about Arbonne – it’s not about the Mercedes – it’s about cancer prevention- after my mother in-law passed away from a disease they couldn’t diagnose, I wanted answers- I’ve seen cancer take and effect too many people that I love.

My mission is to make the world a happier, healthier place one person, one family, one country at a time … my vision/purpose has grown three-fold…I want to be a transformational leader… Who creates leaders in others…

I want people to be more fulfilled about their life, I want to create hope and possibility for a life they could only ever imagine.

Skye Chaberka - EDM

EDM Skye Chaberka

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